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Sep 23 2013

Renovation Ramblings – Why Art

By Claw Hammer   I ask myself the other day, as I sometimes do Why is this Art thing comming, Why really? Does it half to?   I find myself much better with hammer, nails and such Than this elusive concept, of beauty form and touch.   Art it is a comming, like a train upon […]

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Feb 04 2013

Renovation Ramblings – Things to Come

~Claw Hammer As I was walking peacefully in the warm winter sun, I came across a sign that talked about things to come. This sign it hung on Chase Creek in a building barely used. It was bright, bold and intriguing, so I stopped a while to muse. This sign it had copper colors and […]

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Sep 14 2012

Renovation Ramblings – Afternoon Heat

~Claw Hammer You know how it is in the afternoon heat, When all of your gumption has just hit delete. So I sat in the shade of the building awning And I pondered my project, it’s fate appalling. When along came a man in a grey Chevrolet And he was bemoaning the state and the […]

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Jul 12 2012

Better Not Blink – Review in Tucson Weekly

This article was originally published in the Tucson Weekly. A mural and historic district make Clifton worth the drive — and your attention by Mari Herreras A friend warned me as I took off for the eastern Arizona mining town of Clifton that I’d better not blink, or I’d miss it. But isn’t that the […]

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Apr 09 2012

Renovation Ramblings – Roof Repair

— By Claw Hammer I started on a roof repair A couple of days ago, In the cute little town of Clifton On the banks of the San Francisco. I new it would not be easy A challenge it would be, For roofing is not my strong suite I’m not an ace, more like a […]

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