Sep 14 2012

Renovation Ramblings – Afternoon Heat

~Claw Hammer

You know how it is in the afternoon heat,
When all of your gumption has just hit delete.
So I sat in the shade of the building awning
And I pondered my project, it’s fate appalling.

When along came a man in a grey Chevrolet
And he was bemoaning the state and the way,
How things were bad and just getting worse
That no longer could be saved – in general were cursed.

But I said to the man in the grey Chevrolet
This was not how I felt, even on such a hot day.
With a few nails and hammer I can make something real
Fore not even a hot day can your heart and soul steal.

3 thoughts on “Renovation Ramblings – Afternoon Heat

  1. I can not wait to celebrate my hometown’s history with others that have the passion and motivation to help restore it.