Sep 23 2013

Renovation Ramblings – Why Art

By Claw Hammer


I ask myself the other day, as I sometimes do

Why is this Art thing comming, Why really? Does it half to?


I find myself much better with hammer, nails and such

Than this elusive concept, of beauty form and touch.


Art it is a comming, like a train upon greased rails

And if you tried to block its path, your best actions would fail.


So here me now my brothers, my friends my sisters to

This Art it seems has power,over those who come to view.


So now I lay my challenge,to all of you out there

To come and slay the dragon,but be careful of the hare.


It is the quiet Art that gets you, the kind that seeps your soul

The kind that moves your mind, the kind that makes you whole.


Dare walk the streets of Clifton, dare enter #253

Dare join me at the Galleria Coronado,this November 2 and 3






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