Apr 09 2012

Renovation Ramblings – Roof Repair

— By Claw Hammer

I started on a roof repair
A couple of days ago,
In the cute little town of Clifton
On the banks of the San Francisco.

I new it would not be easy
A challenge it would be,
For roofing is not my strong suite
I’m not an ace, more like a two or three.

So up upon the roof I go
with tools galore in tow,
But once I get upon the heights
I can’t believe the show.

The mountains they are beautiful
With colors of all degree,
North and south, east and west
They tower with serenity.

The clouds they are a floating
Across a field of blue,
And what happened to the roofing job
I do not have a clue.

So here me now I tell you
In Arizona, it is Clifton you should see,
The sights they are beyond belief
It is the place to be.

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