Feb 04 2013

Renovation Ramblings – Things to Come

~Claw Hammer

As I was walking peacefully in the warm winter sun,
I came across a sign that talked about things to come.

This sign it hung on Chase Creek in a building barely used.
It was bright, bold and intriguing, so I stopped a while to muse.

This sign it had copper colors and I could plainly see
It signaled Art a coming in November 2 and 3.

It also spoke of wine, the finest in the land,
to be here offered also, a tasting, oh, so grand.

So open the door did I, to see what inside be.
At first it was just shock and awe, but then it came to me.

A little paint and hammer work, some vision and some time,
The Galleria Coronado will surely rise and shine.

So now the work it has begun, and bright and shiny it will be,
Plan now to come and gaze, at Clifton Art and Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Renovation Ramblings – Things to Come

  1. Can’t wait for the Art Show! My mom plans to come from South Dakota. My dearest friends in Clifton will ensure it is a classy yet warm event. Viva Galleria Coronado!

  2. Arrive Clifton. check
    Hike up San Francisco. check
    Drink (or two) at Legion. check check
    Lunch w/ Barb. check
    Dinner Ray and Jeannette. Check!
    Ramble in my own Renovation. (sigh) check
    Get poorer but spiritually richer. cashier check
    Feel the Love. CHECK.